About us

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Every business history is made by the steady work of heated employees.

SIM Racing Skill Trainer

SIM MARANELLO, based in the heart of the Motor-Valley, more precisely in Maranello, is a company specialized in the creation and customization of driving simulators.

Our mission is to provide a wide range of simulators and services able to suit all the motorheads out there, no matter their skills or their experience.

We aim to help and guide people in their journey through the simulation world.

Our daily commitment is toward outstanding
driving simulator solutions.

Our experience

Our team is composed of automotive engineers and technicians from both the real and virtual worlds. Their experience includes both virtual and real racing competitions, each of them at world championship level such as Formula 1 (real) or the Le Mans Virtual Series (virtual).

Their knowledge and passion give life to professional yet easy-to-use products. Indeed, their job is not just providing you with the best simulator we can make in terms of realism; they work every day to simplify every operational procedure for you, and they will configure your tailor-made simulator depending on your requests.

Our products

We provide a wide range of products.

Our range of simulators includes a static simulator called RST Pro and its dynamic version called RST Dynamic, a karting simulator called RST Karting, and a state-of-the-art simulator called RST 6DoF.

In addition to the simulators, our products also include services.

We have a dedicated professional training facility for drivers and teams, consisting of a professional simulator equipped with Wintax telemetry.

Finally, our lounge is available for organizing events, which can include the use of the simulators or enjoying our catering services.


Technology research is a non stopping process that keeps our engineers busy most of their time.

Driving simulators are composed by many electronic devices that can get outdated while time passes. Thanks to our commitment for making your simulator the best we can, you will always get the last products and technology available on the market.

Your upcoming new simulator will not only be brand new; it will be at the cutting edge of racing simulation.

The perfect scenario of your event

Our Lounge is the ideal setting for a private or business event. Thanks to its modern design, where the thrilling of driving experience and a touch of stylish look live together, your event can be a unique one.

Competing to improve

Our Virtual Racing Team competes in many virtual championships, especially in endurance ones.

The feedbacks coming from drivers is helping us everyday to improve our products, especially on their reliability.

Our simulators are ready to use for simracing, and have already been tested throgh many 24h virtual races.