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SIM Maranello official sponsor for the AWA (Automotive Women Association)

We are excited to tell you about the launch event for AWA (Automotive Women Association) and our role as sponsor of this not-for-profit organisation made up of professionals involved in the automotive industry. The shared vision of SIM Maranello and AWA: a concrete commitment to gender equality in the automotive industry SIM Maranello believes in […]

Italian Paraduathlon Championship in Imola: a triumphant Rita Cuccurru succeeds in the women’s PTWC H1 category

The Enzo and Dino Ferrari racetrack in Imola was roaring with enthusiasm as Paralympic athlete Rita Cuccuru secured victory at the Italian Duathlon Championships, within the Paratriathlon Championships. Born in 1977, Rita Cuccuru is a force of nature, an Italian athlete who combines the tenacity for which Sardinians are renowned with the passion of those […]

SIM Freem eSports team for 2024

Presentation of new SIM Freem eSports team for 2024

The 2024 season of the Italian Championship is just around the corner for the SIM Freem eSports team. New cars and new talents from all over the world are ready to battle it out in the tournament. The complete SIM Maranello 2023/24 team was introduced, alongside Sky Motori commentator Matteo Pittaccio and all the sponsors. […]

Kimi Raikkonen at SIM Maranello

Robin Raikkonen takes giant strides in test with his father Kimi on the SIM Maranello simulator

Kimi Räikkönen and son Robin visit SIM Maranello to test driving simulators! During an exciting visit to SIM Maranello, the famous Formula 1 driver, Kimi Räikkönen, together with his young son Robin, were given a chance to try out our innovative driving simulators. During this unique experience, Kimi and Robin immersed themselves in the virtual […]

Ferrari Challenge 2023

Marco Zanasi on the Ferrari Challenge 2023 track

On 16 July, Marco Zanasi returned to the track at Estoril to participate for the second time in the Ferrari Challenge after Masino’s debut. Let’s have a quick glimpse at some of the interview he gave to the Ferrari team.    Marco Zanasi racing for Ferrari    Marco Zanasi will be back at Estoril to […]

Ferrari Challenge 2023

Marco Zanasi makes his comeback with Pinetti Motorsport: destination Estoril, for the fifth act of the season

The Pinetti Motorsport driver is heading to Portugal to take part in the fifth round of the prestigious series of races organised by Ferrari. With the exhilarating Ferrari Racing Days scheduled to take place at the Estoril circuit from 14 to 19 July, we can expect to see Marco Zanasi again for the Ferrari Challenge, […]

Great start to the season for Zanasi and Briselli at the opening of the BMW M2 CUP

Great start to the season for Zanasi and Briselli at the opening of the BMW M2 CUP

The first season of the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup in Misano drew to a close with success for Pinetti Motorsport. After nearing pole position and victory in Race 1, Marco Zanasi reached  the top step of the podium in Race 2, where he dominated the track from start to finish; his team-mate from Castelnovo […]

BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Italy

Marco Zanasi and Jody Vullo triumph in Misano, at the first stage of the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Italy

With the spotlights trained on the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli for the first stage of the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup, Jody Vullo and Marco Zanasi get off to a triumphal start. The two veterans exchanged first and second positions in the first two races of the season. Third place went to the reigning […]

Great start to the season for Zanasi and Briselli at the opening of the BMW M2 CUP

Ferrari Challenge: Pinetti Motorsport and Marco Zanasi join forces for a roaring 2023 season!

With Marco Zanasi competing in the Ferrari Challenge 2023, the season promises to be exciting for Pinetti Motorsport. An important addition to the calendar for the reigning vice-champion of the German manufacturer’s BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Italy series, the Ferrari  championship will see him competing from the beginning of May.    Rekindling an old […]