The Virtual Racing Team

Our campaign in the world of simracing

eSports Mission

Motorsport has always been the benchmark for every vehicle manufacturer. eSports applied to virtual vehicle racing is called SimRacing, and it is the benchmark for simulator manufacturer like us. We embraced this world to test and improve our products, learn new things, and spread our name across this new growing virtual world.

Technology transfer and brand heritage building are our main missions in the SimRacing world.

A challenge to improve our products and heritage.

Virtual world, Real effort

Simracing is more and more populated by big names coming from the real world. SIM Maranello is now in the field to compete against real manufacturers and drivers, showing what our knowledge and passion is able to do. We compete in most of the virtual world championships, including the legendary Le Mans Virtual Series. The gap between virtual and real-world has never been so thin.

Our Team Statistics

  • DRIVERS   25 simdrivers, 3 real drivers
  • ENGINEERS   2 real life vehicle engineers
  • EXPERIENCE   3 years of team activity, most of the team members have more than 10 years of experience
  • CHAMPIONSHIPS   6 championships at a time every year
  • BEST RESULTS   3 world championship wins, 3rd place in Le Mans Virtual Series
  • SOFTWARES   rFactor2 and AssettoCorsa Competizione

Do you want to join us as a driver or a sponsor?