Racing Skill Trainer Pro

Highest experience in driving simulation

RST Pro is our base simulator model and offers everything you need to enjoy your favorite racecars at home.

The Vision

Everyone now knows what racing simulation is, but fews know how to embrace this new thrilling world. SIM Maranello embraced this opportunity and gave birth to RacingSkillTrainer PRO, a product able to bring professional simulation to everyone, no matter his skills.

Your search comes here to the end if you want a compact, silent, top level driving simulation experience for your home, office or even for training purpose.

Plug and Play

Forget about assemblage, software installations, calibrations, and fine tuning. RST PRO comes to your place as a plug and play product, already pre-assembled and configured by SIM Maranello.

However, plug and play does not mean “standard and equal for everyone”. SIM Maranello knows how important is to feel home in your simulator, and will configure it accordingly to your personal needs and preferences.

Racing DNA

RST PRO shows to your eyes its clean and elegant design, but hides a racing DNA under its skin.

Imperiale Racing choose SIM Maranello as its hardware and technology supplier for its on-track simulation activity, carrying a custom version of our RST PRO on one of its paddock truck.

The physical distance between real and virtual track has never been so short.

Taylor made for you

RST PRO is based on a modular design able to host many different setups.

This feature allow SIM Maranello to customize everything you may need, including custom driving commands.

Here you can have a look at one of our latest projects, an RST PRO taylor made to represent the real customer’s BMW CS Cup. His real car is equipped with hand-throttle and hand-brake, as well as other different tweaks to allow him to enjoy the racetrack without any limit. These features have been made available for his simulator too, giving birth to this amazing unique yellow machine.

Choose PRO if you want a compact, silent, top level driving simulation experience for your home, office or even for training purpose.


  • CHASSIS Custom design made of aluminum beams
  • STEERING SYSTEM Direct Drive motor system (up to 20Nm of torque)
  • STEERING WHEEL Top level wheels based on real car designs
  • PEDALS Stainless steel system with custom elastomer kit
  • SEAT GT and Formula style made of composite materials
  • COMPUTER Intel cpu, 500gb SSD, Nvidia RTX graphic board
  • MONITOR Ultrawide monitor, 32:9 aspect ratio, 5120×1440 resolution
  • AUDIO Soundbar 12Watt
  • DIMENSION 1800 mm ( 71.0 in ) length, 1200 mm ( 47.5 in ) width, 1220 mm ( 52 in ) height
  • WEIGHT: Gross weight 90kg (200lb)
  • POWER SOURCE: 3A/115VAC, 1.2A/230VAC

Configure now your tailor made simulator