Racing Skill Trainer Karting

The best solution to approach karting world

RST Karting is the best solution to approach karting world, based on real chassis and components.

A mix of virtual and real

Our cutting-edge karting simulator, built using a real kart chassis, is here to revolutionize the way you train and enjoy the thrill of kart racing. To bridge the gap between reality and virtual world, we have equipped real kart components with sensors. These sensors communicate with the virtual environment, ensuring a seamless integration between the physical kart and the virtual track.

Plug and Play

Forget about assemblage, software installations, calibrations, and fine tuning. RST Karting comes to your place as a plug and play product, already pre-assembled and configured by SIM Maranello.

Whether you’re a seasoned karting pro or a beginner taking your first steps into the world of racing, the simplicity of our plug and play system maximize the time spent having fun.


Unlike a real kart, we have modified the chassis of our simulator to accommodate an adjustable seat, ensuring that every driver, regardless of their size or body type, can feel comfortable and fully engaged during their racing sessions.

Choose Karting if you want a compact, silent, top level karting simulation experience for your home, office or even for training purpose.


  • CHASSIS Real kart chassis, fitted over an aluminum beam base
  • STEERING SYSTEM Direct Drive motor system (up to 17Nm of torque)
  • STEERING WHEEL Real karting steering wheel
  • PEDALS Real karting pedals, fitted with position and force sensors
  • SHIFTER Real karting shifter equipped with mechanical actuator and sensors.
  • SEAT Real fiberglass seat, mounted on top of slides to quick change position
  • COMPUTER Intel cpu, 500gb SSD, Nvidia RTX graphic board
  • MONITOR Ultrawide monitor, 32:9 aspect ratio, 5120×1440 resolution
  • SIMULATION SOFTWARE KartKraft, Kart Racing Pro
  • AUDIO Soundbar 12Watt
  • DIMENSION 1600 mm ( 63.0 in ) length, 1200 mm ( 47.5 in ) width, 1000 mm ( 39.5 in ) height
  • WEIGHT Gross weight 80kg (180lb), 200kg (440lb) if dynamic
  • POWER SOURCE 7A/115VAC, 3A/230VAC (including motion platform)
  • MOTION SYSTEM Static or with 2 DOF platform (yaw and sway)

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