Racing Skill Trainer Dynamic

Highest experience in driving simulation

RST Dynamic lets you feel the car behaviour using a 2DOF dynamic platform. Understeer and oversteer are no more a secret to your body feelings.

The Vision

Real life drivers do not use just eyes and hands, they mostly feel the car thanks to their butt. Thanks to its 2DOF plaform, RST Dynamic reproduce the same understeer and oversteer feeling you get driving the real car.

Plug and Play

Forget about assemblage, software installations, calibrations, and fine tuning. RST DYNAMIC comes to your place as a plug and play product, already pre-assembled and configured by SIM Maranello.

However, plug and play does not mean “standard and equal for everyone”. SIM Maranello knows how important is to feel at home in your simulator, and will configure it accordingly to your personal needs and preferences.


Additionally, we offer a range of supplementary accessories to further enhance the driving simulator experience. These are carefully selected and integrated into our simulators to ensure seamless compatibility and optimal performance, enabling drivers to enjoy an immersive and lifelike driving experience.

Choose Dynamic if you want a complete top level solution without any compromise for your home, office, or even for training purpose.


  • CHASSIS Custom design made of aluminum beams
  • STEERING SYSTEM Direct Drive motor system (up to 20Nm of torque)
  • STEERING WHEEL Top level wheels based on real car designs
  • PEDALS Stainless steel system with custom elastomer kit
  • SEAT GT and Formula style made of composite materials
  • COMPUTER Intel cpu, 500gb SSD, Nvidia RTX graphic board
  • MONITOR Ultrawide monitor, 32:9 aspect ratio, 5120×1440 resolution
  • AUDIO Soundbar 12Watt
  • DIMENSION 1800 mm ( 71.0 in ) length, 1200 mm ( 47.5 in ) width, 1320 mm ( 52 in ) height
  • WEIGHT: Gross weight 200kg (440lb)
  • POWER SOURCE: 7A/115VAC, 3A/230VAC
  • MOTION SYSTEM 2 DOF platform (yaw and sway)

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