Racing Skill Trainer 6DOF

Highest experience in driving simulation

Based on the same technology of our professional simulation center room, RST 6DOF is nothing like a game. Yet, it is very simple to run.

The Vision

Our professional simulator is the highest expression of what we are able to do. It is mainly thought for professional use, and so, it requires a special industrial environment and trained technicians to be run. This has always been a problem for our costumers, who loved the idea of having a professional sim in their house but still don’t want to build special rooms or hire technicians just for that.

RST 6DOF is the answer to this need. It is basically an home version of our professional simulator, using the exact same technologies and know-how. This machine is lighter, less power demanding and plug&play, which means you can install it in your house without industrial floor or power source and start driving with just few clicks.

Just enjoy it

Forget about assemblage, software installations, calibrations, and fine tuning. RST 6DOF is assembled at your place by our technicians who will also configure it according to your personal needs and preferences.

Professional yet simple

Using a professional machine has never been so simple.

RST 6DOF is using a button box, customizable under customer requsts, that can manage all the settings needed to run the simulator properly.

Changing from VR to Triple Screen, wind fan speed, volume and many more is very easy thanks to just few clicks.

Live Telemetry

Like in our professional room, the RST 6DOF is equipped with a pitwall able to display many informations and control the simulator. From the pitwall you can watch realtime and post processed telemetry, watch live on board or on track cameras, and manage the session thanks to an user friendly interface.

The pitwall comes standard with this simulator.

Approved by your favorite drivers

“I got to try the simulator and I am really impressed of the accurancy and feel of it. ” Kimi Räikkönen

RST 6DOF has been tested by many real drivers, helping us to optimize every system to better match real life feelings.

Choose 6DOF if you want the best professional yet home simulator money can buy.


  • CHASSIS Custom design made of aluminum beams
  • STEERING SYSTEM Direct Drive motor system (up to 17Nm of torque)
  • STEERING WHEEL Top level wheels based on real car designs
  • PEDALS Stainless steel system with custom elastomer kit
  • SEAT SIM Formula Carbon made of composite materials
  • COMPUTER Intel cpu, 500gb SSD, Nvidia RTX graphic board
  • MONITOR 3 Screens 2560×1440, 144Hz.
  • VIRTUAL REALITY Full Headset with 3840×2160 resolution per eye, FOV 200°
  • AUDIO 600W Surround system, 3 speakers and 1 subwoofer
  • DIMENSION 1950 mm ( 77.0 in ) length, 1850 mm ( 73.0 in ) width, 1600 mm ( 63.0in ) height
  • WEIGHT Gross weight 450kg (1000lb)
  • POWER SOURCE 10A/115VAC, 5A/230VAC, 1200W
  • MOTION SYSTEM 6 DOF platform (3 translations, 3 rotations)
  • BELTS Active belts for lateral and longitudinal G-forces feel
  • WIND Wind simulation, with up to 500cfm air flow

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