SIM Maranello official sponsor for the AWA (Automotive Women Association)

We are excited to tell you about the launch event for AWA (Automotive Women Association) and our role as sponsor of this not-for-profit organisation made up of professionals involved in the automotive industry.

The shared vision of SIM Maranello and AWA: a concrete commitment to gender equality in the automotive industry

SIM Maranello believes in the importance of gender equality and female empowerment in the world of motors. We hope that our sponsorship of the event organised by AWA will bring in support for similar initiatives aiming for greater inclusiveness in the automotive industry.

A stronger support network for young women in the automotive industry

Our mission is perfectly aligned with the AWA’s (Automotive Women Association) vision and the event we sponsored is only the beginning. We are confident that AWA and SIM Maranello will continue to work together, through events, workshops, and mentorship programs, to build a stronger, more cohesive network.