No innovation without inclusivity: Pescara, SIM Maranello unveils new driving simulator steering wheels for people with disabilities

8 June – SIM Maranello has presented two revolutionary prototypes for steering wheels for driving simulators in Pescara that will allow wheelchair users to take part in virtual car races. The event, which was held at the AURUM centre, showcased the new tools, which make e-sports accessible to people with disabilities and provide  them with the opportunity to compete with able-bodied players in national and international tournaments. 

A dream come true

After a year and a half of testing and three months of intense work, the first two simulators are finally ready to go. The presentation in Pescara was well attended by an audience including representatives from not-for-profit organisations in the tertiary sector. Front-row seats were occupied by the E-Sports group from Race Sport, a vital contributor to the development of this project.

Revolution within a steering wheel

Made with precision and care, the steering wheel launched by SIM Maranello combines advanced technologies with an ergonomic design that guarantees an outstanding driving experience. Its main features include customisable controls, adaptable interfaces, and advanced feedback systems, all designed to meet the different needs of all drivers, regardless of their physical abilities, and allowing the simulator to be operated using hands only. 

A commitment to inclusivity

SIM Maranello is driven by a passion for innovation and a dedication to breaking down barriers. This new steering wheel is not just a piece of technical equipment, it is also a symbol of a mission. It reflects the desire to use innovation and passion to make the world of e-sports increasingly inclusive and accessible.