Marco Zanasi and Jody Vullo triumph in Misano, at the first stage of the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Italy

With the spotlights trained on the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli for the first stage of the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup, Jody Vullo and Marco Zanasi get off to a triumphal start. The two veterans exchanged first and second positions in the first two races of the season. Third place went to the reigning champion Gigi Ferrara and Stefano Stefanelli. 

At the Misano racing night, the track was buzzing with excitement during the first race of the season. The start was breath-bating and – as always – unpredictable as an accidental contact during the first lap between Nicola Tagliapietra (Pinetti Motorsport by Autotorino) and Giovanni Stefanin (Pinetti Motorsport by Autoclub) forced the race director to bring in the safety car immediately. After setting off again, despite some initial difficulties, Vullo, from Pro. Motorsport BYmyCAR Milan, managed to outrace his opponents, making it across the finishing line first, while the second position went to Marco Zanasi (Pinetti Motorsport by Autoclub). A close fight for the third place on the podium  saw reigning champion Gigi Ferrara take masterful lead of a quartet comprising newcomer Steven Giacon (Tecnodomsport by Ceccato Racing), Stefano Stefanelli, and Federico Bagnasco (Promodrive).

There was no shortage of excitement in Race 2 either, as Marco Zanasi redressed the scores. The driver for Pinetti Motorsport by Autoclub withstood incredible pressure from fellow racers unwaveringly for a good part of the race. 

Four minutes from the end, the arrival of the safety car on the track to recover Stefanin’s car brought further excitement and uncertainty, which lasted until the last corner and the race closed with a head-to-head between Bagnasco and Vullo. A fantastic show for all the sport’s enthusiasts, which culminated in a final victory for Marco Zanasi – his first for the season  – ahead of Race 1 winner Jody Vullo and of Stefano Stefanelli.