Robin Raikkonen takes giant strides in test with his father Kimi on the SIM Maranello simulator

Kimi Räikkönen and son Robin visit SIM Maranello to test driving simulators!

During an exciting visit to SIM Maranello, the famous Formula 1 driver, Kimi Räikkönen, together with his young son Robin, were given a chance to try out our innovative driving simulators.

During this unique experience, Kimi and Robin immersed themselves in the virtual driving world offered by our advanced simulators, designed to faithfully reproduce the sensation of being behind the wheel of a single-seater racing car.

During their test session, the father and son experienced all the thrills of high-speed driving and motor racing within a safe, controlled environment. The team at SIM Maranello contributed their experience and expertise to guarantee an authentic, immersive experience  for Kimi and Robin.

Formula 1 world champion and motor sport icon, Kimi Räikkönen praised the quality of SIM Maranello’s driving simulators, saying he had enjoyed himself and had felt as though he had actually been on the track.

The upshot of this special experience was that Kimi chose an RST Karting SIM as a training opportunity for his son Robin.

SIM Maranello is proud to have hosted Kimi and Robin Räikkönen and to have offered them the opportunity to enjoy a pioneering driving experience and draw them further into the world of motor racing.